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こちらはガチャアプリ「ER AIgatya(エロレアばかり引けるAI生成アプリ風ガチャ)」のイラスト生成時間を1秒以下に短縮することができる解除キーです。

「ER AIgatya(エロレアばかり引けるAI生成アプリ風ガチャ)」の設定アイコンから生成時間なしを選択して、解除キーを入力してください。




This is an unlock key that can reduce the illustration generation time of the gacha app 'ER AIgatya(エロレアばかり引けるAI生成アプリ風ガチャ)' to less than 1 second.

Please select the 'No generation time' option from the settings icon of 'ER AIgatya(エロレアばかり引けるAI生成アプリ風ガチャ) and enter the unlock key.

*The unlock key needs to be entered only once.
*The default setting when the app is launched is with generation time, so please change it each time you want to remove the generation time.
The app is designed to take several tens of seconds (random) for illustration generation, allowing users to enjoy generating new images several times a day. However, for those who want to obtain a large number of images at once, this unlock key is recommended.

Premium Membership Key(プレミアム会員キー)

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