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The punishment from the home tutor is very strict.
*The Japanese version title is"家庭教師のお兄ちゃんのエッチなお仕置きはとっても厳しいの ~そんなことされたら泣いちゃうよ~".

[Opening introduction]
"The punishment from the home tutor is very strict." is a 2D anime ADV game centered around the theme of spanking. Highly recommended for those who have a keen interest in spanking!
Of course, there are plenty of regular sex to enjoy as well, so if you're a fan of Japanese anime games, give it a try!

The punishment from the home tutor is very strict." is a scenario-branching type of game. 
It is an adventure game in a multi-scenario, multi-ending format. Additionally, event scenes include elements of action games, allowing players to engage in various creative disciplinary actions with the heroine.

We've created almost everything, including characters and backgrounds, in high-quality video files, ensuring that anime characters move vividly with expressive facial animations. 
(Adopting approximately 16.77 million colors in image file format)

Everything is depicted from the protagonist's perspective, and character actions are faithfully reproduced through animations. 
Enjoy "Spanking & Training SEX Life" experience with your two-dimensional girlfriend in this immersive simulation.

While attending university, you become a home tutor. The heroine is Mana, whom you've had a crush on for over ten years. Despite tutoring her, you find yourself stuck in the role of a childhood friend and unable to break free.

(By the way, Mana is a third-year high school student, but at 18 years old, she's legally an adult, making a romantic relationship permissible.)

During the crucial exam period, as Mana continues to neglect her studies, you propose a solution. If she can avoid failing a test, she'll receive a reward. However, if she fails, she spanked you...

This proposal sparks a sudden turn of events in your relationship, leading to "Spanking, training SEX and loving-dovey life"!

[Naughty play content]
Spanking (slap, whip, paddle).
Various sex such as missionary position and cowgirl position.
Blowjob. Titty fuck. Hand job. Fingering. Squirting.
Outdoor sex, sex in public facilities.
Restraint, bondage play.
Cosplay (uniforms, school uniforms, gym uniforms, etc.).
Words blame. Vibe torture. Play blindfolded. Shameful play.

[Target device]
Computer(Windows OS).
*Smartphones and tablets are not supported.

[Recommended Specifications]
OS: Windows 10 or above
Processor: Intel 5th generation CPU or equivalent
Disk Space: A minimum of 1GB of free space is required
*The game may still run with slightly lower specifications.
*If your device has lower specifications, there is a possibility of lag or reduced performance.

[Use of AI-generated Conten}
Utilized for creating background images without copyright.
Fine adjustments are made after the initial generation.
Used for character design.
Employed as a reference for costumes, poses, expressions, and color samples.
Not used directly; some parts are traced and recreated independently.
(All characters in this work are in video format, requiring separate recreation of each part.)
(AI-generated designs may vary across scenes, necessitating personal adjustments.)
(AI-generated content cannot create explicit nudity or detailed facial expressions, especially for female characters.)
AI Used: "Anime AI"

[Game sample video and detailed explanation]
Official website:
Please confirm.


[Other matters]
Although we had the game professionally translated to convert it into native-level English, please understand that perfection in translation is elusive, and there may be nuances or errors. 
We appreciate your understanding.
*This description and sample images have not been translated by a professional translator. 
 They were written by the production representative. 
 The in-game English translation surpasses this in terms of quality.


*File Update: 01/11/024
Reason for Update:
Due to compatibility issues with certain PCs causing the game to freeze, the program has been modified to prevent the occurrence of this issue.


The punishment from the home tutor is very strict.

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